Broken Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions


Derby Overhead warranty 300x300 - F.A.Q.How long is the warranty?

For broken garage door repairs, we offer one-year on parts, 60 days on labor. Other companies are usually 30 days on labor and one-year on parts. We believe in going the extra mile to take care of our customers.


Derby Overhead Clock 293x300 - F.A.Q.How long will it take to fix my garage door?

On average, most service calls are about one hour for residential service calls. We strive to be efficient and provide excellent workmanship.


LiftMaster DO  - F.A.Q.

Where do you get your parts and supplies?

We get most of our parts from the nation’s leading garage door part supplier, LiftMaster. Liftmaster is a trusted, quality brand in garage openers.