Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs – (316)-788-8889

Chances are, if your garage door isn’t working, you’re dealing with a common garage door repair. Our technicians are skilled to handle the common issues that could be causing you problems. Derby Overhead will handle whatever uncommon or common garage door repair you need, whether you live in Derby, Wichita or any surrounding town.

Broken Springs

Learn about how garage door springs break and wear over time, how it is a common garage door repair. We offer replacement and repair for torsion and extension springs on garage doors.

Need to know the garage door repair costs for broken springs? Call Derby Overhead today and learn about our low prices.

Door Openers

Sky Link, Chamberlain, Craftsman, & Liftmaster garage door openers. Looking for a garage door opener around the Wichita area?
Call Derby Overhead for all your garage door repairs.

Door Opener Gears

Also another Common Garage Door Repair.  it seems like Gears is one of the most likely things to go wrong, with some openers.

Wichita garage door motors & gears. Looking for costs of repairs?

Need a garage door motor or gear repaired for your Chamberlain, Liftmaster or Craftsman motor in the Wichita, KS area? Get discounted cost & installation.

Door Cables

Garage door cable snapped or came Off? Call Derby Overhead. Derby Overhead in Wichita, KS repairs and replaces broken garage door tension lift cables, pulleys and drums. Same day service. Low prices on all garage door repairs. Call us.

Door Rollers and Pulleys

First of all the rollers, and pulleys go bad every so often, as a result they  need to be repaired. They are a moving part and have ball bearings inside, but should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 cycles.

Above all if kept oiled regularly, this will extend the life cycle of the bearings.